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Besides the Haynesville Shale, there are many other natural gas and oil shale plays located in the United States and Canada.  As oil and natural gas prices continue to rise, companies will be drilling as well as seeking to aquire additional mineral rights leases.  Below is a list if additional shale formations you might find interesting.  Each page gives you detailed information about that the shale play as well as the companies drilling there. 

Untited States Oil and Natural Gas Shale Fields

The Barnett Shale -  Located in Central Texas, the Barnett Shale is the United States largest proven natural gas shale deposit.  Many drilling companies have used their experience in the Barnett Play on the rest these shale formations.

The Marcellus ShaleThe Marcellus Shale is located in PA, OH, NY, and WV.  The Marcellus Shale is one of the largest shale formations in the USA.  The potential is there for a large pool of natural gas but water issues as well as infrastructure issues will get in the way in the short term.  The marcellus shale does have a bright future!

The Bakken ShaleThe Bakken oil shale formation is located in North Dakota, Montana, and Canada.  The Bakken Shale play is one of the largest oil shale deposits in the United States.  It is the largest non federally owned.  Also in the Bakken is a reservoir called the Three Forks / Sanish formation which has been proved to hold a lot of oil.

The Fayetteville Shale -  The Fayetteville Shale is located in Arkansas.
The Woodford ShaleThe Woodford Shale is located in Oklahoma.
The Chattanooga ShaleThe Chattanooga Shale is located in Tennessee.
Huron ShaleThe Huron Shale is located in West Virginia and Ohio.

The Green River Valley Oil ShaleThe Green River Basin is the largest oil shale formation in the world.  Estimated to hold three times the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia.  Most of this area is banned for drilling and is owned by our Government.

ANWAR -  Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -  Also banned from drilling is the ANWAR in Alaska.  Lots of oil and oil shale here!

Canadian Natural Gas Shale Fields

The Horn River BasinThe Horn River Shale is located in Northeast British Columbia and could end up being Canada's largest Natural Gas deposit.

The Montney Shale
The Montney Shale formation is right below the Horn River Shale which is located in British Columbia.

The Utica Shale -  The Utica Shale has a big potential but is very young.  The Utica Shale is located in the Quebec region of Canada.